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Premier Hotels and Resorts is the first Ukrainian national hotel management company which provides complex hospitality franchising solutions in the CIS.

Hospitality franchising scheme is applicable to all the segments but it is particularly appropriate for the budget hotels.

On the one hand, it does not require significant investments from the hotel owners, on the other hand, it gives them the opportunity to receive a turnkey solution for the development of hotel and professional support in the management, marketing, financial forecasting, procurement, etc.

What are the benefits for hoteliers?

Our partners at a minimum cost can count on a fast and effective start of business. We offer and provide proven business processes and standards of management practice - everything necessary for the efficient operation and quality control. The total cost of ownership is 5-7% of turnover.

Parties of franchising relations

  • Franchisor - a company that issues a license or lease the right to use its trademark, know-how and operating systems (management standards). For example, the franchisor creates a successful product or service, for example, a particular workstyle of a hotel, restaurant.
  • Franchisee - a company that buys the possibility of training and assistance in the creation of (the development of an existing) business in the franchisor and pays a service fee (royalty) for the use of the trademark, know-how and management system work of the franchisor. The franchisee compensates the expenses for business creation. He remains the sole and absolute owner of the enterprise.

The components of the franchise package

For new objects:

  • Market research, provision of the existing conceptual design, pre-design concepts, interior elements,site audits, the development of the project budget and assistance in fund raising.

For existing objects:

  • Auditing services, staff training, central purchasing, an audit of reserves, management accounting and budgeting, the transaction of analysis reports, professional development and training programs, seminars and round tables.

Advantages for franchisee

  • Participation in hotel’s operating activities
  • Customer funnel, increasing of hotel sales
  • Use of reputation and trade mark of the franchisor
  • Assistance of the franchisor (original business management training, staff training, consulting on management and marketing issues, etc.)
  • Reducing of expenditures on advertising and promotion
  • Managing your own business, you are not alone with all the problems and risks
  • Fast and efficient business start on the basis of practically proved business processes

Franchising remains steadfast in difficult times

... "Most of the hotel owners realize, that in order to increase competitiveness in today's hotel market strong franchise support is essential. In addition, franchising reduces the risks of capital investments return delaying."

Stephen Rushmore, HVS founder

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