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Franchising for Premier Compass Hotels

7 simple steps to become a member of Premier Compass Hotels

  1. Choose a sub-brand and fill in an online form to participate in the chain on this page, or contact our head office by phone: +38 (044) 590 69 88.
  2. Meet our representative, in order to understand the idea of Premier Compass Hotels sub-brand a lot better.
  3. Get our "Chain participation offer", which will give you the details about all the benefits and advantages of the necessary investments.
  4. Ask the questions; discuss the details of the "Offer" and an agreement with our representative.
  5. Plan a visit to the headquarters of Premier Hotels and Resorts in Kyiv.
  6. Evaluate your readiness for changes, having familiarized with the proposed schedule of the hotel reduction to the chain standards.
  7. Determine the starting date and sign the cooperation agreement on the participation in the chain.

What does the franchise give to the hotel?

All business owners are asking themselves questions:

  • How can we build a successful hotel?
  • How can we ensure a good service?
  • How will we respond to changes in demand?
  • How to increase revenues?
  • How to develop a successful advertising campaign?

Franchising offers a turnkey solution!

The franchisee gets the tools to:

  • Building a Successful Business
  • High-quality service provision
  • Demand production
  • and as a consequence - revenue increase

Premier Hotels and Resorts is the first national operator, selling ready-integrated franchise solution in the field of hotel business in the CIS. Your investments will be timely and strategically reasonable.

Our professional experience - at your service!


  • Use of trusted name
    Participation in online promotions
  • Advertising of promotions on the chain website and in social media with a high level of conversion
  • Participation in the chain marketing programs - airlines, banks, international business associations
  • Participation in all promotional materials distributed on the territory of the other hotels (cross marketing with other hotels)
  • Use of the chain  loyalty programs - direct communication with more than 35 000 guests
  • Use the chain loyalty program for partners - more than 1 200 people every day make decisions on the choice of a hotel


  • Diversified and effective sales channels:
    - The central reservation office in Kiev with a free dial

    - A modern web site available at any mobile device

    - Proper Module of on-line reservations
  • Electronic sales – a guaranteed interoperability with more than 600 000 travel agencies worldwide
  • Participation in the chain in major trade fairs and events (UITT Kiev, ITB Berlin, WTM London, and others)
  • Usage of the corporate client base
  • Revenue Management


  • Participation in the standard training program
  • Higher School of Hospitality for managers skills improvement
  • Training on additional professional workshops
  • Staff motivation - chain program "Best Employee" with prizes
  • Assistance in legal and personnel matters


  • Beat chain prices on goods for the hospitality industry
  • Implementation of ready chain service standards
  • Chain on-line store
  • Premier Store for branded and standard products
  • Consulting on all aspects of the hotel supply
  • Audit activities to improve the quality of service
  • Full-time quality control line for guests


  • Identification of areas of infrastructure facilities of the hotel (restaurants, meeting rooms, etc..), provision of technical specifications, recommendations for other characteristics of the building
  • Provision of recommendations on the selection of architects and designers of the project
  • Implementation of control over the construction works, the selection of furniture and equipment (BB&E)


  • Appointment of the responsible person (curator of operating activities) as part of the coordination team to assist in the optimization of the management and profitability of your hotel
  • Strategy and Action Plan (Sales - Marketing - Pricing - Management of Human Resources - Procurement)
  • Weekly chain e-newsletter
  • Assistance in the management of health and safety issues: a guide to hygiene and the organization audits
  • Expenditure Control and Financial Accountability

What is Premier Compass Hotels?
Premier Compass Hotels - hotel chain with limited budget

Reasonable space
Guests of Premier Compass Hotels will appreciate rooms with reasonable space and with an essential range of services.

In touch with the world
In our hotels, you are always in touch with the world - the entire territory has Wi-Fi internet access and free use of a laptop with Internet access.

Breakfast is served!
We know how important it is to start the day with a good meal! Guests are given a variety of hot breakfast menus, depending on their preference and mood.

Travel with kids!
Kids under 6 years live in Premier Compass Hotels free of charge and children of 6-12 years - 50% of the cost.

Available everywhere!
Our hotels are not available on-line only, but also on smartphones and mobile organizers. Make room reservations; inquire after hot offers on the Internet.

Cheerful morning!
Fitness facilities - the minimum range for active guests.

Briefly about subbrand:

Premier Compass Hotels - budget class hotels.

Key qualities:

  • security
  • cleanliness
  • privacy
  • basic service set
  • hot breakfast
  • free parking
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • good service

Address: 4a Hospitalna Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine
T: +38 (044) 590 69 88