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High-end Japanese cuisine delivery and take away at Ikigai!

Chef`s dishes by Dmytro Kryvoshap can be delivered to your home or available for pick up at Ikigai from now! 

Tataki tuna, tom yam and famous rolls - for your fine dinning just freshly handcrafted by our Chef.

In the Kyiv city center delivery choose UberEats, to order just use the application. 

To diversify your choice add some dishes from Italian cuisine or choose a Lenten menu using delivery option by Royal Service, the menu is available on the web site or in the application. Royal service will bring your order to any city point in the shortest period of time. 


Call for take away or delivery:

Tel.: +38 067 220 69 77

Orders operated daily from 12:00 a.m. till 21:00 p.m. 

Ikigai Restaurant

Address: 29 Pushkinska Str., Kyiv