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Mission and Values

Basic values of Premier Hotels and Resorts:

1. Guest orientation

Guest is the highest priority in our work. We do our best in order to create a cozy atmosphere of warmth and hospitality for our guests, a place where they will come back at least one more time. There are no impossible ambitions in our hotels, we make all dreams of our guests come true.

2. Top position

We strive to occupy top position in our sphere of activities, we influence business processes and inspire our employees to achieve better results. The leadership of each of us manifests a desire of our team to rank among the first.

3. Team work

Everything we do, we do as a team. In spite of difficulties and obstacles we support each other and help to achieve a common goal. We value each other's opinion, respect interests of our company and we are convinced that only a team can achieve the best result.

4. Striving for excellence

We employ the best and the most talented staff. We know that only perfect work of each of us will make our hotel the best in the market, so we constantly strive to improve our personal and professional qualities. There are no trifles in our hospitality, each detail matters.

5. Focus on innovation

The world around us is changing rapidly, and our hotels are the first ones to introduce new technologies, innovative solutions and original approaches to ensure comfort to a guest and effective work flow. We are always one step ahead of our competitors and aware of new trends.

6. Commitment

Each of us feels full responsibility for the decisions made, in compliance with the interests of the company and our guests; each of us takes care of the environment and the world around us. We have set ourselves three most important areas where we can make a difference: concern for the environment and its preservation; development of domestic tourism by supporting regional tourism infrastructure, historical and cultural sites; child care, promotion of sponsorship and charity.

7. Efficiency

We are targeted at maximum efficiency with optimum use of our company's resources. We constantly improve business processes, search for new opportunities, and contribute to the development of hotel business and tourism in our country.

Creating positive emotions.

To provide impeccable service, exceeding expectations of a guest in keeping with the best traditions of hospitality.

To be recognized as a leader in the hotel services market, to differ by unique products, European style and respect for the local culture and values.