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Hotels with parking in Dnipro

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Where to find a good hotel with parking in Dnipro

Modern Dnipro is full of cars and minibuses. The development of public transport is suspended completely, so the main highways and bridges sometimes are congested. One of the main reasons of the traffic jams on the roads and streets is the undeveloped parking infrastructure.

The traffic jam became so common that the local residents become accustomed to it. However, if an ordinary visitor comes from a small town or village, notices all the “traffic fluid dynamics” on the roads, and stuck in a traffic jam, it will hard for him or her to accustom to it.

Traditionally, the central part of the city has always been the most congested. In the Soviet times, the city’s government decided to build an underground, but its project was delayed and stopped at the initial stage. Therefore, not all wide urban roads, as in Kyiv or Odesa, began to be filled with private and municipal ground means of transport.

It is much more convenient to come to Dnipro by car, park it without any problems, and use the services of a taxi or public transport. If you choose a good hotel for your accommodation, rather than a private apartment or hostel, you will not have any problems with car parking.

Perfect solution of the transport issue for tourist

You can easily get to the Premier Hotel Abri by any means of transport. It is located in Yarmarkovyi descent, not far from the central railway station, Vokzalna Metro Station and the Kurchatovsky shopping center. There is parking near the hotel and a convenient transport junction. Thus, the traveller can easily get to any part of the city.

Dnipro is not so popular tourist city as Lviv, Odesa or Kyiv. Many people come to this city only on business. However, we can consider this aspect as an advantage. The hotels are not overloaded with tourists. It means that the hotels offer stable prices 365 days a year, and there are always free parking spaces near the hotel, regardless of the season and time of your arrival.

The hotel in Dnipro with parking, which is full of cars in the industrial metropolis, is a perfect solution for all business travellers or those who are going on a trip by his/her own or company car. If you book the Abri Hotel, in the central part of the city, you will be able to get to the most remote parts of the city in less than one hour. This hotel is a perfect option to stay in according to the standards of Kyiv and even Kharkiv. You will not get stuck in traffic jams or be involved in a car accident on an unknown stretch of road, especially in the evening.

A hotel with parking, in the central part of the city, is the best gift for a traveller. You can safely park your car at the hotel for your entire trip. This hotel is located in the central part of the city, and it will take you 15-30 minutes to get to the main city’s atrtractions.

The taxi fares in Dnipro are not the cheapest in Ukraine. The taxis in Kyiv or Odesa offer the same fares. However, travelling by taxi is more affordable. You will have a chance to save your time and avoid the traffic jams.

Tourist attractions near the hotel

If you have a little time after you park your car near the Abri hotel, we advise you to visit the square in front of the central railway station and find the final local tram stop near the Vokzalna Metro Station. Do not miss the chance to see a real green retro tram with wooden benches, aesthetic decoration. It is a spectacular symbol of the city. However, it departs 2-3 hours later than ordinary city electric transport.

You can easily get to the centre of the city by a vintage tram and feel the unique atmosphere of the tourist Dnipro city. The ticket price of this amazing retro tram is twice higher than that of the public transport.

If you are planning to visit a beautiful, big, modern, old, but still great and fascinating city – Dnipro, we advise you to stroll along the sunlit embankment, visit the parks of T. Shevchenko and Lazar Globa, as well as stroll along Yavornytsky Avenue. Visiting these places of interest will be a worthwhile experience.