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Hotels with parking in Kharkiv

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Many people say that Kharkiv is like Kyiv. This is partly true. There are the same traffic jams as in Kyiv. A large transport hub on the way from Europe to Russia and Asia receives thousands of transit vehicles daily. There are a lot of local trucks and cars.

The lack of parking infrastructure development in the city centre worsens the problem where the narrow historical streets smoothly pass into the wide arteries of newer areas.

The locals are well aware of the detours and have already adapted to heavy traffic jams in the centre and on the main roads. The guests of the second largest city of Ukraine have a worthy alternative – stay in a comfortable hotel with parking and take a taxi or use a public transport to visit all tourist attractions in Kharkiv.

Best hotels with parking near the hotel for drivers

The Hotel Aurora has a private guarded parking for guests. It is free of charge and located in the city centre. There always will be a free parking lot for your car. It is better to inform the hotel administration about your visit in advance.

You may call to the hotel and book a room. We also recommend that you come to the city early in the morning, late in the evening or during the daytime. Try to avoid the rush-hour traffic when all main highways are full of traffic.

All central metro stations with their three main branches are at your service. Other types of public transport, as well as taxis, are more comfortable, cheaper and faster if you come by car and stay in a hotel with parking lots in the very centre of Kharkiv.