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Hotels with pool in Kiev

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Good hotels with a swimming pool in Kyiv

A modern swimming pool is one of the main criteria for many tourists when they choose a hotel for their vacation. Problems with the service, cleanliness of the rooms and all sorts of minor problems are more common in hotels without a swimming pool than vice versa.

What are the advantages of a hotel with a swimming pool? Are they really worth visiting? Where to stay in Kyiv if you need a hotel with a swimming pool? Are there any hotels in the capital of Ukraine where you can have aqua procedures according to international quality standards? We are going to answer all these questions.

Modern hotels with a swimming pool have some significant advantages:

  • It is very hot in the summer in the Ukrainian capital and everyone wish to go to the beach. However, the conditions on the bank of the Dnieper are far from ideal. In addition, it will take you a lot of time and efforts to get to the beach. Thus, a hotel in Kyiv with a swimming pool is more than a worthy alternative to natural recreational resources.
  • The water in the swimming pool is heated, so you can swim even during cold autumn and spring days. If you book a hotel with an indoor swimming pool, you will have an opportunity to swim in the pool at any time of the year.
  • If you travel with children, it will be safer to swim in a shallow depth pool than lie on the untidy beach.
  • The water in the swimming pool undergoes preliminary disinfection.
  • Laying on a lounge chair on the territory of the Kyiv hotel with a swimming pool, you do not need to worry about your valuables. You can take them with you or leave them in the room.
  • There are always many free sun loungers on the territory of the hotel. However, it will be a real problem to find even paid sun chairs on the beach.

What is the best hotel in Kyiv with an indoor swimming pool?

There is a Wellness Club in the five-star Premier Palace Hotel. It is famous as the pearl of the entire hotel and even the tourist attraction of the Ukrainian capital. The hotel also offers a swimming pool with a water temperature of +31 degrees and a Jacuzzi with a temperature of + 37 degrees.

The best swimming pool among Kyiv hotels is decorated with original mosaics and protected from the vagaries of the weather with an airtight glass vault. There are not only a swimming pool and water rides on the territory of the hotel but also a hydro massage, waterfall, and aero massage.

The hotel offers swimming lessons and water aerobics under the glass dome every day. A personal trainer is always ready to help and give a useful advice. There is a cosy relaxation area with lounge chairs and everything you need. You can relax and rejuvenate the body and mind afteran intense workout in a comfortable Jacuzzi.

Great sauna complex

The Premier Palace Hotel also invites its guests to visit the VIP sauna and a magnificent sauna complex with real Roman baths. Visitors of the aqua zones will also have an opportunity to take a pleasant refreshing shower, and relax in a lounge space and individual bath. VIP sauna can be used for up to six people. The services of a professional bath attendant are provided. You will have an unforgettable vacation.

A good hotel in Kyiv with a sauna, massage and a modern fitness centre is very difficult to describe in words. You should book a room and see everything with your own eyes.