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Where to find a hotel with parking in Oleksandriya

Oleksandriya is not a big city, or a metropolis. There is no equipped underground parking, but there are car parking spaces and garages.

There are no traffic jams and many cars on the roads. Therefore, many local residents do not even use parking services, and leave their cars in the courtyard of high-rise buildings, private houses or along the road.

On the one hand, it can be comfortable for a car driver, but, on the other hand, it carries a certain risk. Even if there is enough parking space, you should always think about your car safety. Especially if you came to the city on business, just for a few days, and it is not your native city.

Fortunately, a hotel in Oleksandriya with parking space is always available. Therefore, a business traveller or an ordinary visitor has a place to leave his automobile for one or several nights.

The Premier Compass Hotel Oleksandriya offers private, guarded parking.  The service is free of charge, not only for those who book a room for a short- or long-term, but also for guests of the restaurant.

Since the city is not so popular among tourists, you will always find a free parking space near the hotel, regardless of the day of the week and the time of year.

It is easy to get to the hotel. You should go along the E50 highway towards the city, turn right at the junction near Znamenska Street, then turn right near the gas station and you will see the hotel building.

There is always a free parking space for your car, as well as a cosy room for you and your friends in the Premier Compass Hotel Oleksandriya.