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Hotels with SPA in Olexandria

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Spa in Oleksandriya - the best local hotel with sauna

The Premier Compass Hotel Oleksandriya invites guests of the city and its local residents to visit a real Finnish sauna. We also like to call our favourite vacation spot ‒ our local "Spa hotel".

Why did we decide to build a sauna?

To answer this question, it is important to understand the main difference between steam baths and saunas. In saunas, the air is much drier, that’s why a person withstands a very high temperature, in the range of 110-130 degrees. The air temperature in the bath is about two times lower. A perfect temperature is 60 degrees.

The world famous brooms are used in the steam baths. If you use a broom in a sauna, there is a risk to get burns on skin. To heat a traditional sauna, we need firewood, but we want to save the forest. Therefore, we chose a sauna, which is heated with gas or electricity. However, it is not the only reason of our choice.

The Finnish sauna of the hotel easily turns into a real Russian bath. It is enough to add a little water to the stones, the air is filled with steam and you can get brooms.

Additional benefits of our spa hotel

There is a free and convenient guarded parking near the hotel. Regardless you are coming from the centre or just entering the city, it’s enough just to turn off from Heroes of Stalingrad Street to Stroiteley Street and go to the former Sapphire hotel. If you get lost, any local resident will show the correct way.

It will be a great chance for a small company of 3-4 people or 10-12 guests to relax in a spacious room with a swimming pool.

All the necessary bath amenities, modern shower, hot tea and plasma TV are at your service. You can order a massage, which will make your stay in the hotel as comfortable and healthy as possible.