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Hotels with parking in Poltava

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Where to find a free and comfortable parking in Poltava if you are planning to visit Poltava

There are no serious problems with traffic jams and parking in Poltava. A small regional centre is popular among tourists, but differs from metropolises with moderate traffic. The city has paid and free parking. Most often many people park their cars in the courtyards, near shops, or on the sidewalks.

The city has a low crime rate, so it is better to use a guarded parking for personal comfort. The best option for a business traveller or an ordinary visitor is parking near the hotel, where you are planning to stay.

If the comfort and the number of stars are very important for you, we recommend that you view all offers of the best city’s establishments. Parking and hotel services of the Premier Hotel Palazzo are at the highest level.

Getting around Poltava

It is almost impossible to get lost in the cosy streets of the colourful regional centre. If you do not want to use a private car, public transport or the services of local taxi will become an advantageous alternative in all respects.

If you travel around the city by taxi, you will save not only time, but also significantly reduce transportation costs. We advise you not to use the services of unlicensed taxis, but to call a taxi of official companies.

It will be more convenient for you to use a private car if you are planning to run your personal or business errands outside your native city or visit many tourist attractions that are popular among tourists.

What to see in the Poltava if you travel by private car?

We advise you to visit the State Historical and Cultural reserve “The Field of the Great Poltava Battle”. An extraordinary historical and cultural tourist attraction is well-known throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

The exhibition inside and outside the building is primarily devoted to the history of our country and Europe of the XVII-XVIII. In 1994, the “Cossack state” exhibition was opened here.

Today, the “The Field of Poltava Battle” is a popular topic for publication in many media outlets in Ukraine, Russia and Sweden. The historians of these countries are also very interested in this museum.


It is a well-known throughout the country resort with therapeutic mud and spa. In the colourful town of central Ukraine, tourists have a unique opportunity not only to take care of their health, but also to enjoy the chic nature of the legendary Poltava black soil. Regular drinking of Myrhorod mineral water is a great way to improve the condition of many body systems and prolong youth.

The city has interesting monuments of architecture, beautiful parks, and in its own original sanatoriums and hospitals of the Soviet period actively compete with new leisure complexes and modern spa-hotels.

Velyki Sorochyntsi

The biggest fair of the country annually takes place on the vast field near this picturesque Ukrainian village. The history of the event dates back to the 19th century. In the last century, the fair in Sorochyntsi was closed. Since 1966, the fair started renewing in Sorochyntsi and began regenerating that ancient tradition. During Soviet times, numerous tourists came to buy some scarce goods.

Today, the Sorochynsky Fair is a unique place where thousands of high-quality souvenirs, original samples of Ukrainian clothing, farm food, and products of numerous manufacturing enterprises are sold at the same time.

Is the purpose of your trip to Poltava is not only business interests, but also the desire to get new tourist impressions? In this case, convenient parking at the Premier Hotel Palazzo will be an ideal starting point for travelling around the city by a private car.