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Hotels with Spa in Sumy

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What spa hotel is worth visiting in Sumy

Unfortunately, there is not any full-fledged five-star spa hotel in Sumy. However, you will have a great opportunity to visit a sauna of high quality.

The main thing is to observe the necessary safety precautions so that your visits to the steam room bring only health benefits and excellent well-being.

How often is it recommended to visit a sauna?

You should not take a sauna every time you visit Sumy. If we talk about the health benefits – one visit per week is enough. Moreover, doctors do not recommend having a sauna very often. If you visit sauna very often, it turns a rare, long-awaited event into an ordinary procedure.

The administration of the Shafran Hotel takes care of its visitors, so it reminds the rules for safe visits to a sauna:

  1. The main thing – do not dry your head and hair. This is fraught with loss of consciousness and even burns on the skin.
  2. Special cap and slippers save best from overheating.
  3. You should not add aroma oils to the coals. It is much more effective to pour the walls of the room and benches with them.
  4. You should have three sessions with breaks between them. We recommend taking a shower and drying your hair before the first session.
  5. Try not to go into the steam room when the body or head is still wet. It is a sure way to provoke overheating of the skin.
  6. It is important that the steam is as dry as possible. It promotes active perspiration and the release of toxins.

Remember these simple rules and a visit to the sauna of Premier Hotel Shafran will always bring you a lot of pleasure, pleasant memories and positive emotions.

You will have an opportunity to order a relaxing massage after the sauna in the Premier Hotel Shafran.