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New Premier Club Magazine released (#21)

For a few years in a row, the ‘experience’ is the main word in the travel industry. We are, at Premier Hotels and Resorts, confident that hospitality goes far beyond cozy rooms and delicious breakfasts. “You will love the city”, we say, and build the work of our hotels around this idea. Because the hotel is the point of arrival where acquaintance with the city begins.

The first issue of updated Premier Club Magazine is dedicated to New Travel Experience. We open to our guests unusual and interesting places of Ukraine, placing emphasis on live impressions, tastes and stories.

We rethink the role of the hotel in the guest experience, telling the stories of the paintings that hang in our corridors, to propose plans for original evening and extraordinary travel itineraries.

We want to pay more attention to the architecture that surrounds us — and that’s why we’re exploring Bauhaus, which celebrated its first 100 years (in sync with the 110th birthday of Premier Palace Hotel).

Look for Premier Club Magazine printed version in any of Premier Hotels or read it online.