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PREMIER HOTELS AND RESORTS: Wу are making every efforts for Ukraine's victory

The future of our state and the Ukrainian people, our freedom and democracy, is being decided right now.  Russia went against European fundamental values - freedom and the right to live freely in our own country.  We all deeply understand, that we can win the war only together.  With the start of a full-scale invasion by the army of occupants on February 24, 2022, all Premier Hotels and Resorts have joined fight to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense units, municipal guards and victims of enemy’s aggression.


 • Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv hosts a large community of international journalists and photojournalists who provide the world's media with truthful information about events in the country.

• The hotel is equipped with an autonomous energy supply system and there are a lot of warm clothes, medicines, food, water, personal respiratory protection items.  There are also means of protection against radiation, chemical and bacteriological damage.

• The hotel systematically provides hygiene goods and food to the Main Directorate of the SES of Ukraine in Kyiv.

• The Desnyansky District Guard Company in Kyiv (military registration and enlistment office) is provided by the hotel with warm clothes, medicines and medical kits in case of traumatic injuries.

• The hotel systematically purchases food and hygiene products for units of the National Guard of Ukraine and territorial defense units of the capital.

• Territorial defense units in the village of Plesetske, Vasylkiv district, are provided with personal hygiene items, food and warm clothing.

• Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv provided the Ukrainian Red Cross Society with several freezers and refrigerators for storing food and prepared a kitchen for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and victims of Russian aggression.

• The hotel laundry cares for the uniforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


• The hotel has made a donation in the amount of UAH 500,000 to the charity fund "With an angel on his shoulder", which since the beginning of enemy invasion has been helping soldiers of the Armed Forces, border guards, units of local defenders, temporarily displaced residents of Ukraine.

• There is a volunteer center of the Charitable Foundation "With an angel on his shoulder" located in the hotel, whose team works around the clock - packing humanitarian goods for hospitals, hospitals, maternity hospitals in hot spots of Ukraine, including Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

• The hotel’s conference room is arranged in the format of a hostel for refugees from all over the country.  The hotel provides free accommodation and meals to all who stay in that hostel.


• Also, PREMIER HOTEL PALAZZO provides complimentary rooms and foods and food to temporarily displaced persons.


• The hotel accommodate international journalists and doctors, provides comfortable facilities for volunteers.

• The hotel has arranged free hostel for 150 refugees.


• Provides free accommodation and conference facilities for volunteers.


• The hotel accommodates a team of journalists, provided cooking facilities to the members of the territorial defense and offers them a place for rest with hot drinks.

Working all together to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine we make the victory closer.

The Premier Hotels and Resorts team is constantly in touch with it’s employees, who are currently carrying out combat missions of the Armed Forces and the National Guard.  We are ready to respond to inquiries and do everything necessary to support the soldiers of Ukraine.  Together we will win!

To attention:

Premier International LLC, the managing company of the Premier Hotels and Resorts hotel chain, as a co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of Hotels and Resorts UHRA, is actively working internationally in the following areas:

  • Blocking Russia on resources such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, and others.
  • Exclusion of Russia from the UNWTO.
  • Exclusion of Russia from participation in all international tourism exhibitions.
  • Help Ukrainian refugees to find temporary accommodation in hotels in Poland.
  • Help Ukrainian hoteliers to get a job in hotels in Poland.
  • Spread information about the situation in Ukraine in the international tourism and professional (hospitality) media.