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The FINANCIERE group provided assistance to protect Ukraine in the amount of over UAH 22 million

FINANCIERE Group, which owns Ukrainian Premier Hotels (Premier Palace Hotel, Premier Hotel Lybid, Premier Hotel Dnister, Premier Hotel Odesa, Premier Hotel Slavutych), has provided assistance for the protection of Ukraine and support of Ukrainians worth over UAH 22 million since February 24. This was reported by the press service of the group of companies.

"We are constantly helping Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to come closer to victory in this unjust and brutal war, not just in words. Our support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense Forces, temporarily displaced persons, hospitals and doctors already amounts to more than 22 million hryvnias", said in the statement.
In particular, UAH 16 594 million was transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UAH 5 098 million FINANCIERE aimed to provide accommodation and meals in hotels for temporarily displaced persons. More than 405 thousand UAH was transfered to Ukrainian hospitals and medical workers. 94.8 thousand UAH was provided to assistance to the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces.

FINANCIERE assures that they will continue to support the Ukrainian army and people by all available means.
One of the co-owners of the group of companies, Latvian investor Vilis Dambins said: “Our hotel business is based on the principles of caring for people. We remain true to these principles during the war, actively helping Ukraine and Ukrainians. Premier Hotels actively cooperate with Ukrainian and international humanitarian organizations, authorities, volunteer initiatives and local communities for our common victory. Our humanitarian initiatives and projects cover tens of thousands of Ukrainians affected by the war, as well as those defending their homeland from Russian aggression."
FINANCIERE Group and its shareholders Vilis Dambins, a citizen of Latvia, and Natalia Selivanova, a citizen of the French Republic, issued a statement unconditionally condemning Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, launched in 2014 in violation of all existing principles of international law and democratic values.
"This is an unprecedented brutal crime, for which there is no and cannot be any excuse. At this difficult time, the FINANCIERE Group and its shareholders express their sincere respect for Ukraine and its heroic people, and reaffirms their readiness to continue to support Ukraine's economy, statehood and sovereignty. The heroism, resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine today are an example for the whole world of the struggle to choose a European democratic future", the statement said.


Group FINANCIER EGINE ESA (FINANCIERE EGINE S.A.) owns Premier Palace Hotel, Premier Hotel Lybid, Premier Hotel Dnister, Premier Hotel Odesa, Premier Hotel Slavutych.
The shareholders of the group of companies are the citizen of the Republic of Latvia Vilis Dambins and the citizen of the French Republic Natalia Selivanova.
To the group FINANCIERE EGINE ESA includes the hotel holding "PUMORI ENTERPRISES INVESTMENTS LTD", which is a shareholder of Ukrainian hotels.