Консьєрж Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv отримав золоті ключі!

This year, the annual meeting of concierges was held on March 28, in Russia, in Moscow’s hotel StandArt, where Vitalii Moroz, concierge of Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv became a member of the International Union Les Clefs d’Or – The Golden Keys. This event became prestigious and milestone for the team of Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv. 

After long preparations and examinations, Vitalii delivered a successful presentation of his project and received the long anticipated golden keys. Obtaining membership in this high-class union became a proof that Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv has the right to bear a proud name of the “perfect hotel”. Every guest can surely expect premium service at any request: from a regular one to most extraordinary request. 

Speaking of Les Clefs d’Or’s history, we should mention that it was established by eleven concierges from various Parisian hotels as early as in 1929, and was essentially based on friendly relationships of its members. Even after decades, the concept remains the same and states that joining the association gives an opportunity to its members provide high-class services through friendly relationships with their colleagues around the world. According to the association’s requirements, a concierge is entitled to receive The Golden Keys only after 4 years of working in a hotel, and at least 3 of them – at the position of a concierge. 

Every Les Clefs d’Or concierge is a part of an elite community which can be easily identified by crossed golden keys on the lapels of their uniforms. So far, The Golden Keys include about three thousand concierges of the best hotels around the world, and Vitalii Moroz – the best concierge of Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv – has recently become one of their number.