Covid-19: Health & Safety Brand Standards. Know More

Premier Health & Safety Brand Standards

First and foremost priority of Premier is the safety of our guests in hotels and restaurants of the chain. Step-by-step we continue serving as safety as possible by restricting safety and cleaning rules, in compliance with MOH recommendations.

In order to maintain the safety and convenience, all our employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or checked before the start of the work shift for COVID-19 using express tests.

The health and safety measures to prevent spread Covid-19 at Premier Hotels and Resorts concentrated on social distancing and cleanliness standards.

Social Distancing Rules

  • All public zones have simple signage and leaflets with the hotel rules and easy and safe check-in points.
  • Social distancing at 1.5 meter, 10 square meters per person in public areas.
  • Any area where guests line up will be clearly marked for appropriate physical distancing. All processes are aimed to avoid lines, with the fast check-in option.
  • Space tables 1.5 meter apart in restaurants and bars to provide physical distancing. Four people seating capacity limit for each table. Online menu.
  • Door hanger to avoid room attendants during accommodation.
  • Leaflets free rooms, avoiding printed materials. Usage of digital channels of communication: mobile application, chat-bot and other online services.
  • Isolation of the guest in case of one of the symptoms from the list of Covid-19 till the healthcare help is provided.
  • The next accommodation in the room is possible in 24 hours after thorough cleaning, sanitizing and quartz treatment.
  • Breakfast and restaurant orders are served within Room Service.
  • To control the spread of viral diseases in addition to standard safety measures, 24/7 responsible manager for preventive measures and response is appointed.

Cleanliness Standards

Public Areas

  • We do cleaning and sanitizing of all premises and vehicles on regular basis.
  • We respectfully ask our guests to observe social distancing. We use disinfectants, medical gloves, antibacterial wipes and provide temperature screening for each guest and team member at all areas of the hotel including lobby, reception, bars and restaurants.
  • Improve air circulation and water cleaning processes to increase air and water quality.
  • Ozonation, ionization or ultraviolet treatment of rooms, all public and service areas.
  • Health of our team is highly important to us. We provide all team members with sets of masks and gloves, makes health and temperature check ups, integrate health and safety trainings. We do all possible to make our guests stay as comfortable as at home.


  • Provide a clean and disinfected TV remote in an individually sealed and protective bag.
  • We mark and seal up fine cleaned rooms.
  • Each room is equipped with sanitizer.
  • We do cleaning and sanitizing of all frequently used surfaces: door handles, toilet, water taps, telephone, switches, temperature control panels.


  • Limit for one person in the elevator.

Dining and Room Service

  • We do cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces after each guest visit to our restaurant and bars.
  • Adhere to the strict safety procedures while serving all food and beverages. Enhanced food safety measures in restaurants that operates only to serve guests in the rooms.
  • Open-air restaurants terrace are aloud.
  • The distance between tables are no less than 1.5 meter.
  • Four people seating capacity limit for each table (not including children under 14 years).
  • We offer alternative menu formats: QR-code menu, menu by the link, in social network menu, menu on the TV screen, laminated menu or table-tents that can be disinfected, stickers / inscriptions / banners on walls / windows / constructions, which should be disinfected every two hours.
  • Prior card payment.
  • The use of textile multiuse products such as towels, napkins, tablecloths is prohibited.
  • We avoid lines near order window, and inform on the distance that order is ready.
  • Breakfast is served only to the room or as a Breakfast2go.

Front Desk

  • Front desk is equipped with protective screens, sanitizers, masks and medical gloves, no-touch thermometer. Installed alcohol-based hand sanitizing and glove stations near the front entrance and public areas.
  • Provide clean and disinfected key cards upon check-in in a separate key envelope.
  • Prearrival check-in is available.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all kind of phones, keaboards, PC mouses, payment terminals, and frequently used items in the front desk area.
  • Priority of pay pass and card payment.
  • Next guest arrival to the room is allowed only in 24 hours after previous guest check-out, thorough cleaning and quartz treatment of the room. We mark and seal up fine cleaned rooms.
  • We serve breakfasts and restaurant orders to the room. All food and beverage outlets that have open air seats and already restarted its work have seats for four persons maximum at each table and tables are distanced on the one and half meter from each other. All menus are available online. All disinfection processes are repeated after each guest.


  • All vehicles are equipped with separation shield, between driver and passenger.
  • Drivers should wear masks and medical gloves. Guests should not be seated near the driver.
  • In case of minivan transportation passengers should seat one in a row.
  • After each trip driver should sanitize all frequently contacted surfaces, airing vehicle, and fix the time in the check timetable.


  • Technical staff should wear medical masks and gloves.
  • All surfaces should be disinfected each two hours.
  • Wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection, including linens, duvets, pillows, towels and curtains.

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