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Eco-friendly cosmetics at Premier Hotels and Resorts

In September, Premier hotels began to equip their hotel rooms with environmentally friendly hair and body care products from the Swiss company Gfl.

This eco-initiative is not the first in our history. The social consciousness of the brand in recent years has inspired us to support Earth Day, the implementation of the concept "One drop will save the world", aimed at the rational use of water resources, sorting garbage according to network standards, reduction of printed products in hotels, using biodegradable recyclable packages and more.

We have decided that the next logical step on the path of social responsibility will be the introduction of ecological cosmetic products, the packaging and content of which are safe for the environment.

Gfl, the brand that we have chosen, has been serving the hospitality market for over 20 years, headquartered in Switzerland and a state-of-the-art factory in northern Italy. The company's environmentally friendly products have received quality certificates such as Cosmos organic, Nordic Ecolabel and Eu Ecolabel.

The company uses recycled plastic to reduce CO2 exposure and CO2 emissions. Among plastics, PET is mainly used due to its ability to be easily recycled. Also, Gfl prefers the use of cosmetics with low impact on aquatic ecosystems.

Among all Gfl lines, Premier Palace Hotel has introduced a premium collection – Lanvin. The bathrooms of the five-star hotel in the city center from now on are filled with the aroma of green tea, lotus flowers, vanilla and orange peel.

The four-star and three-star hotels of the chain have chosen the Anyah line, the most ecological of all presented by the brand. Anyah helps to protect the aquatic ecosystem in different ways, because the products of this line have the lowest result of the calculation of CDV TOX *.

* CDV TOX is the amount of water needed to dissolve one gram of product without harming the aquatic environment.