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In search of new experiences

Scientists have proven that art relieves pain. A visit to a movie theater or museum alleviates the symptoms of depression. And attending concerts prolongs life. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive list of cultural events in early 2020.

Super Bowl

Miami (Florida), USA
February 2, 2020

The Super Bowl is the final game of the season in professional American football, which is more like a national holiday for Americans. Also, it is the most popular TV show of the year: the richest companies spend millions of dollars not only on the advertising slot during the match (one minute of broadcast costs about $ 8 million), but also on production. Therefore, over the years, Super Bowl has become an entertainment experience for even those who are not very interested in football. An equally important tradition of the Super Bowl is the musical Halftime show, which takes place between halves. Tickets can be purchased on the official website, starting at $ 4,725. But no less exciting (and certainly more financially appealing) is to watch the finale at one of America’s many bars or pubs. The main thing is to book a place in advance.

Carnival of Venice

Venice, Italy
February 8 - February 25, 2020

The carnival originates from the ancient pagan holidays, the first documentary mention of it dates back to 1094. During the gloomy Middle Ages, the Venice Carnival was a good opportunity to pause from religious and moral restrictions by hiding their faces under a mask. At the beginning of the 21st century, the carnival retained its relaxed character but lost its outright obscenity. Among the traditional entertainment, there are costume walking, performances of professional (and not so great) artists, concerts, performances, and folk festivities. The most important of them was the flight of the angel: from the dome of St. Mark’s Basilica (70 meters high), an “angel, a specially invited guest, descends into the crowd on the square. So it’s best to book a hotel in advance.

Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)

Berlin, Germany
February 20 - March 1, 2020

One of Europe’s most prestigious film festivals is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The festival is only slightly younger than the Venetian and Cannes but is considered much more democratic. Unlike the Cannes Festival, anyone can buy a ticket to the premiere show (and maybe sit next to François Ozon or Steve Carrell). Tickets will go on sale 3 days before the festival. But keep in mind to buy them out in a couple of minutes. You can take a break from the shows at the Berlinale Audi Lounge, located next to the Berlinale Palast. The entry is free, discussions are constantly underway, and cinema figures of different ranks come in from time to time. There are DJs in the evenings and parties, and a red carpet view, so don’t miss out.

Contemporary Ukrainian Graphics Exhibition

Kyiv, Ukraine
March - April 2020

2020 If you ask someone what do they know about Ukrainian graphics of the XX - XXI centuries, most likely, their knowledge will tend to zero. Unfortunately, for some reason, this side of Ukrainian fine art has remained aside of our attention, and that’s a shame. The exhibition, which will be presented at the Mystetskyi Arsenal in the spring, will consider two major categories of graphic work of Ukrainian artists. These are “official” works that were created at the beginning of the last century. And also the “unofficial” works created by non-conformists of the ‘60s and ‘80s, which were written secretly or banned. It will be the first and largest presentation of Ukrainian graphics ever. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Mystetskyi Arsenal ticket office.

French Spring in Ukraine

Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Odessa, Exactly, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi - Ukraine
April 2020

The festival, which was planned to take place once in 2004, will be held for the 17th time. This year’s theme is “Different Travels.” Among the special events worthy of attention, the festival team promises a grand exposition of street art in Kyiv. Tour in Ukrainian cities will be performed by the French band EYM TRIO. They have already established themselves on the international jazz scene, love to improvise and experiment with sound, so you will not be bored in their performances. In general, visitors expect a great program: contemporary performances, film screenings, concerts, meetings with artists and intellectuals. The full schedule will be available near the beginning of the festival.