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Hotels in Kyiv

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К сожалению свободных номеров по вашему запросу в данном отеле нет.
К сожалению свободных номеров по вашему запросу в данном отеле нет.

The best hotels in Kyiv with a convenient location and many attractions nearby

Whether you are travelling on business or as a tourist, do not miss the chance to visit a few tourist attractions of Ukrainian capital.

Many famous places will impress and help you feel the amazing atmosphere of the city.

The Golden Gate of Kyiv (Zoloti Vorota) is a unique monument of defence architecture of Kyivan Rus'. It was reconstructed, but still has a very bright exterior. In the 11th century, the Golden Gate was one of three main entrances of the ancient city’s fortifications. Kyiv was surrounded by a solid 9-meter defensive wall, which was built by order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. His monument is located near the Golden Gate.

If you walk along Volodymyrska Street, you will get to the heart of the city – Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. In ancient times, the legendary battle between Yaroslav the Wise and the Pechenegs took place there. In order to commemorate the victory, Yaroslav the Wise ordered the construction of a magnificent temple. The architects from Constantinople built this holy place of worship. In the past, the cathedral was crowned with thirteen domes. Nowadays, there are nineteen beautiful domes.

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery is located on the edge of a bluff northeast of the Saint Sophia Cathedral. It is a very ancient temple. It was the first church in Kyivan Rus', which domes were gilded. There is a unique building on the territory of the Monastery. The temple in honour of the Archangel Michael was built in the Ukrainian Baroque style. It was destroyed in the 1930s, but rebuilt in the 1990s.

We also advise you to visit one of the most interesting, modern, and secular places of interest. Even the most experienced tourist misses the chance to visit the Square of Kyiv Intellectuals. It is located at the intersection of Velyka Zhytomyrska St. This modern square was created in 2013. There are amazing sculptures made ​​in the form of birds: Kingfisher, Sparrow, Owl, Raven. Each of them symbolizes a certain type of Kyiv intellectual.

Where to stay in order to visit all these wonderful sightseeing attractions in a short time

Planning to have a vacation or a business trip? Looking for accommodation for a short- or long-term stay? Don’t you know what to choose: book a hotel room or rent an apartment?

Hotel for a night or vacation rental apartments in Kyiv

You should first determine your budget when booking a hotel room. The hotel is always customer oriented. It offers single, double, triple rooms or even more spacious apartments.

An average room for a day, which you can rent in any of Kyiv hotels, (not only in a five-star hotel) is much more comfortable than an average apartment. Even small hotels are designed for the needs of their guests. Therefore, they are equipped with safes, telephones, televisions and other additional amenities.

If you are planning to book a hotel room for a night in Kyiv, you will feel yourself like at home as soon as you step inside. There is a comfortable, fashionable, and practical furniture in a hotel. However, most vacation rental apartments, even in a good repair, have old, worn out sofas and chairs.

There is a high competition among the vacation rental apartmentsin Kyiv. It makes many hotels compete for every guest and bring every little thing to perfection. There is a huge difference between the quality of service of rented apartments and hotels in Kyiv.

Just compare! The hotel staff do a wet cleaning, change towels and bed lined every three days in the hotels. An owner of the apartment usually comes on the seventh day, and more often just to pick up the keys on the day of departure.

The hotel staff have a higher level of competence than owners of the vacation rental apartments. They do not have any experience in a hotel business. The experienced hotel administrators are always ready to answer any of your questions and advise you 24/7. The security service is always ready to ensure your safety. The hotel staff are always at your service: a door attendant, a butler, a bath attendant, a fitness trainer, a cook, a waiter, a nanny and many others.

The hotel is a perfect option if you need to book the desired rooms with different levels of comfort and price (for example, for your boss and several subordinates). The level of comfort and prices of vacation rental apartments may vary.

Booking a hotel room, even for one day, is a service confirmed by the guarantee and reputation of the hotel. Apartment owners can easily disappear with a prepayment even at the stage of a telephone arrangement. At the very best, they will give you your money back and leave without nothing, because other clients offered a higher price for the rent.

Hotels issue all the necessary receipts and confirming travel documents for tourists who travel on business. Most apartments are rented illegally, so there are often problems with paperwork.

Three-star hotels in Kyiv

Premier Hotel Lybid

It is a modern building in the historical centre of Ukrainian capital. You will have an opportunity to enjoy a great view of the Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and the Victory Avenue from the windows of your room. The modern Ukraina Shopping and Entertainment Centre is located just around the corner from the hotel.

The hotel offers 247 comfortable rooms with large windows at different prices. Every morning, guests can enjoy traditional dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. A spacious conference hall, a restaurant and a lobby bar will make your holiday or business trip as comfortable as possible.

Premier Hotel Rus

It is a decent three-star hotel in the tourist centre of the capital. This hotel has a very comfortable location. It will take you a few minutes to get to Khreshchatyk Street. Premier Hotel Rusis also very close to the Olympic Stadium and the Palats Sportu Metro Station.

It offers low-cost rooms with a classic interior, a breakfast buffet, as well as spacious conference rooms equipped with the latest professional facilities. The hotel management has a wide experience in organizing big corporate events and family celebrations with the number of guests of up to 1000 people.

One of the best five-star hotels in Kyiv

Premier Palace Hotel is a real visiting card of the hotel world of Kyiv with an interesting history stretching back over a century. The hotel is located in the impressive historical building in the heart of the city.

The exterior and interior of the hotel is like a real palace. If you visit this building for the first time, the magnificence of interiors and architecture will take your breath away. This beautiful hotel will immerse you in a special, luxurious atmosphere, successfully combined with traditions of Ukrainian hospitality.

Premier Palace Hotel level meets the needs of world-class artists, singers, businessmen and politicians. This hotel does not belong to none of the world’s networks, but was built by Ukrainians, like a real pearl of comfort and cosiness, located within walking distance of Khreshchatyk.

Everything functions as the mechanism of Swiss watches in the Premier Palace Hotel. There is a friendly staff at the reception desk and on the floors; the rooms and corridors are very clean and tidy. Apartments with stylish interiors make you get the phone and take a selfie, even if you are not registered on Instagram. The list of basic and additional services of this hotel is one of the widest in Ukraine.

Wish to have an interesting vacation? Book a themed suite at the Premier Palace Hotel. This suite with an exquisite interior will take your breath away.

If you enjoy tasting different dishes, we advise you to visit the Terracotta Restaurant. It has a gorgeous panoramic view of Kyiv central part. You may stretch your muscles or relax after a hard day in a modern fitness centre or spa. By the way, the most spacious pool of the city is located in this hotel.

Premier Palace Hotel offers:

  • Lounge area with a relaxing zone;
  • Special suites for newly married couple;
  • Comfortable indoor swimming pool (365 days per year);
  • Services of experienced and respectable doorman;
  • Professional massage;
  • 24/7 reception desk;
  • Special rooms for guests with special needs. There is also a hypoallergenic room in the Premier Palace Hotel.
  • Rooms with a sound isolation for more comfort;
  • Special dietary menus, a Turkish bath, and a hot tub will make your stay in Kyiv not only interesting, but also very healthy.

Premier Palace Hotel is a luxury and comfortable hotel of international level in combination with the unique Kyiv flavour. If not only a great comfort is important to you, but a pleasant city atmosphere of a five-star hotel – Premier Palace Hotel will be your favourite place in Kyiv for many years.

Don’t you know what to choose? A hotel or a vacation rental apartment? The hotel will be a perfect option without any doubts. It will guarantee you a comfortable and safe stay in the Ukrainian capital. Moreover, the price of a furnished apartment has recently reached the price of many three and even five-star hotels.