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Hotels with parking in Odesa

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Hotels with convenient parking in Odesa

Unfortunately, the roads of modern Odesa are usually congested. If you are planning to travel to Odesa from Kyiv or Mykolaiv by car, you can stuck in traffic jams in the village of Kotovsky, which is always full of cars, on the northern outskirts of the city.

The situation is even worse in the city centre. There are many narrow streets, tram routes, many cars behind and in front of trams, illegally parked vehicles, especially in such areas as Privoz, sales outlets, stalls and local markets.

An inexperienced traveller should know the specifics of local driving rules. If you travel to Odesa for the first time, you may think that you got into Asian country with no traffic rules.

The locals are accustomed to the problem with parking cars, therefore they drive the car maneuvering between pedestrians and other obstacles. If you travel by car, choose the Premier Hotel Geneva with parking near the hotel. Given the specifics of traffic and pedestrians in the streets of Odesa, it is much easier to start or continue exploring the city using a taxi or public transport.

On the one hand, there is a heavy traffic in Odesa. On the other hand, the city’s business life takes place in its historical part. Thus, a business traveller or an ordinary visitor, who book a hotel on Yevreiska 32, do not have to make long trips by taxi or public transport.

All the outstanding architectural, religious buildings, leisure and entertainment establishments, the main banks and business centres are located within walking distance of the hotel.

Optimal solution to the transport issue for a tourist in Odesa

There is everything a tourist need for a comfortable stay in the hotel with parking in Odesa. We are going to describe the hotel services in details.

The nearest infrastructure includes a grocery supermarket, a pharmacy, mobile phone repair service, numerous cafes and restaurants. Deribasovska St., City Garden, Passage, the legendary Odesa Opera House, Primorsky Boulevard, the Potemkin Stairs, as well as the funicular, the Sea Trade Port and other tourist attractions are located within a walking distance of the hotel.

We recommend that you book a room and order a parking space near the hotels soon as possible. Odesa is very popular among tourists, especially during a summer period, the April 1st, as well as during the New Year holidays.

Do not hesitate to remind the hotel administrator (just in case) how many free parking lots should be available on a specific date.

Take into account these not complicated, but important recommendations and a trip to Odesa will bring you only vivid memories, a lot of fun, pleasant surprises and the locals’ hospitality.