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Plans for the evening: Dnipro

In addition to the best drinks and food in the Dnipro, this route is also great cause all the bars in it are within five minutes of each other. So it is quite possible to handle such a journey in one evening. So let’s talk about six spots in the city worth to get a drink. Or a few.

Varburger bar

Heroiv Maidanu Square, 1

Burgers and cocktails are the first thing that comes to mind with the phrase “American cuisine”. And here, both of them are great. And not only them: the menu has long not been limited to burgers. However, for a first visit, we recommend that you look for classic menu stuff: for example, a local pulled pork that can compete with similar dishes in Chicago or LA, or a Tommy’s margarita.

Keds Pub

Mykhailo Hrushevsky st., 4a

The beer card at this establishment is said to be ahead of the beer culture of Ukraine: important novelties appear simultaneously with all beer capitals of the world. Beer is called a “cult” here, and waiters are always ready to tell you something interesting about the variety and its making. If you want to delve deeper into the issue, check out the tasting schedule and brewery meetings before visiting.

Old Pal Bar

Sichovykh Striltsiv st., 3a

Old Pal Bar is often called the best bar in town. And after tasting the Devil’s Kiss with paprika and tequila, you’ll probably agree with that statement. Although the cocktails are the basis of the menu, you can also order dishes from around the world, like Mediterranean boganus or the cozy peach pie.


Dmitry Yavornytsky Ave., 53a

A relatively new establishment in the Dnipro, the main topic of which is wine. The sommelier of the restaurant selected about fifty different wines, all can be ordered by the glass. Also try an authentic cuisine or a variety of wine snacks, from cheeses to Mexican quesadillas. In the warmer months, guests are advised to take tables outside, in winter to enjoy the pleasant music inside.

Mishi Blyahera

Dmitry Yavornytsky Ave., 46

Of course, Blyacher’s Mice is a restaurant that, first and foremost, is worth visiting for food by British chef Daniel Phippard. But we include it in this bar list, not by accident. The spot on the list provided by a verified wine list, which was noted by the world-famous Wine Spectator guide. So don’t forget it when you taste farmer’s fish or meat dishes.

Three Legs Pub

Magdeburg Law st., 3a

Another beer spot in the Dnipro. The perfect place to sip a glass of Fragrant Punk IPA from BrewDog Scottish Brewers. It is said that this craft manufacture appeared on the menu of Dnipro establishments due to the efforts of the team of this pub. In addition to traditional entertainment (for example, watching football games), there are also some unusual tastings. For example, the combination of oysters and Flanders red ale.

After an intense bar stroll, we recommend a cup of chicken broth, a Benedict egg with bacon and vegetables, and strong coffee with honey pellets for breakfast at Premier Hotel Abri .