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Premier venues for the best events

While planning a special event, the venue is a guarantee of success. The venue must be easy to reach for participants, technical equipment and catering facilities should meet modern requirements.

Premier Hotels and Resorts always have something special for M&E to offer:

  • convenient hotels` location
  • conference equipment and technical support
  • impeccable catering featuring wide range of coffee breaks, lunches and banqueting service with option to customize cuisine for a personalized dining experience
  • high speed internet
  • personal conference manager
  • we take care for the environment according to the chain concept of Ideal Meeting.

Choose the perfect place for your event!

Kyiv Conference Halls

Kyiv lives a busy and dynamic life as the capital. Along with a huge number of historic buildings, architectural monuments, numerous modern skyscrapers, shopping, entertainment and business centers, a lot international companies are opening their representative offices, so it is no wonder that conference facilities are extremely important for the city. Premier Hotels and Resorts in Kyiv is represented by three hotels, each is special in its own way with rich facilities for events of any kind.

Premier Palace Hotel – legendary 5-star hotel in Kyiv, located in the very heart of the capital of Ukraine, a few steps from the main street of the city - Khreshchatyk.
The hotel’s conference facilities allow to hold an event of any level of difficulty. Seven conference halls, with a total area of 526 m2, with a maximum capacity of the largest hall - 350 persons.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
The Sofyivskiy Grand Hall The Sofyivskiy Grand Hall 305 up to 400
Mykhaylivskiy Conference Hall Mykhaylivskiy Conference Hall 32 up to 20
Volodymyrskiy Conference Hall Volodymyrskiy Conference Hall 36 up to 30
Pokrovskiy Conference Hall Pokrovskiy Conference Hall 90 up to 80
Meeting Room «Ilinskiy» Meeting Room «Ilinskiy» 19.8 up to 10
Meeting Room (8th floor) Meeting Room (8<sup>th</sup> floor)< 26 up to 12
VIP room on the Executive Floor VIP room on the Executive Floor 25 up to 6

Premier Hotel Rus is located only 5 minutes walk from the Palace of Sports Metro and close to the city’s largest business centers. The hotel offers an incredible view of the main sports arena of the country. Premier Hotel Rus features the largest number of conference rooms and conference area among all hotels of the chain, the largest hall can simultaneously accommodate up to 600 people.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Conference Hall «A, B, C, D, E, F» Conference Hall «A, B, C, D, E, F» 625 up to 550
Conference Hall «G, H» Conference Hall «G, H» 191 up to 180
Boardroom Boardroom 58 up to 45
Meeting Room Meeting Room 24 up to 10
Elite Restaurant Hall Elite Restaurant Hall 565 up to 500
Venice Hall Venice Hall 200 up to 220
Kyiv Hall Kyiv Hall 110 up to 60
Tea Hall Tea Hall 65 up to 20

Premier Hotel Lybid is located only 5 minutes walk from the Palace of Sports Metro and close to the city’s largest business centers. The hotel offers an incredible view of the main sports arena of the country. Premier Hotel Rus features the largest number of conference rooms and conference area among all hotels of the chain, the largest hall can simultaneously accommodate up to 600 people.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Slovianskyi Hall Slovianskyi Hall 200 up to 120
Galitskyi Hall Galitskyi Hall 360 up to 180
Panorama Hall Panorama Hall 28 up to 15
Restaurant Hall Restaurant Hall 110 up to 200

Odesa Conference Halls

Odesa combines the greatest marine port, developed industry, resort and recreation complex, transport, financial and social infrastructure. Moreover, for several years now, Odessa is competing for the largest amount of events that are held among other top business cities of Ukraine, including the capital.

When choosing Odesa for the event, look at the Premier Hotel Odesa, that is located in the down town and has a wide infrastructure for both large business events and personal celebrations.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Sapphire Grand Hall Sapphire Grand Hall 360 up to 350
Aquamarine Hall Aquamarine Hall 195 up to 200
Onyx Hall Onyx Hall 74 up to 50
Agat Hall Agat Hall 55 up to 40
Nephrite Hall Nephrite Hall 41 up to 18

Premier Geneva Hotel is a 5-minute walk from the famous Derybasovska Street, just in the historic city center. For events, the hotel offers a conference room for up to 80 people.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Conference room Conference room 105 up to 80

Lviv Conference Halls

Lviv combines ideal opportunities for offsite events. And we made sure that our hotel Premier Hotel Dnister features everything you need for an event of any kind.

Premier Hotel Dnister is one of the largest hotels in Lviv, located in the heart of the city, next to the city park. All tourist locations are within walking distance. Premier Hotel Dnister has 5 conference rooms with a total area of 724 sq.m.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Panorama Hall Panorama Hall 294 up to 250
Lvivsky Hall Lvivsky Hall 199 up to 150
Lobby meeting room Lobby meeting room 101 up to 100
Alexander Hall Alexander Hall 89 up to 50
Dnister meeting room Dnister meeting room 41 up to 30

Poltava Conference Halls

Poltava has always been famous as the most welcoming city and loved for its local variety of regional cuisine.
Premier Hotel Palazzo - sophistication, comfort and coziness in one hotel in the very heart of Poltava. The hotel features 2 conference rooms with a total area of 77 sq.m.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Hohol conference hall Hohol conference hall 53,1 up to 45
Meeting room Meeting room 23,9 up to 10

Kharkiv Conference Halls

Kharkiv is a city that impresses with its beauty, modernity and atmosphere. Many cultural institutions, theaters, museums and galleries, as well as restaurants, bars and shops with favorable prices are concentrated in Kharkiv.

Premier Hotel Aurora is located in the Kharkiv historical and business center, a few steps from the city’s central square. In total, the hotel has 3 halls in a classic style.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Congress Hall Congress Hall 100 up to 100
Aristocrate Restaurant Hall Aristocrate Restaurant Hall 96 up to 90

Premier Hotel Cosmopolit
in Kharkiv is famous for its hospitality, which is why it is always wanted to come back. This is an art space that combines home comfort and a modern outlook on life. The hotel is part of an architectural ensemble that combines technological and design solution with the first business center in Kharkov Telesens Ventures.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Venetian Hall Venetian Hall 210 up to 75
Florentine Hall Florentine Hall 35 up to 18
Anghiari Hall Anghiari Hall 65 up to 40
Meeting room Meeting room 25 up to 8

Dnipro Conference Halls

The Dnipro is a city of contrasts: both an industrial center and a large number of picturesque landscapes. For guests, this city opens from a new, interesting side. The variety of alleys, green areas, ecological recreation areas here is successfully combined with cultural and modern life.

Premier Hotel Abri is located near the cultural and historical center of Dnipro near the bus station. Convenient transport links allow to reach to any part of the city easily. Premier Hotel Abri offers 4 conference rooms with up to 150 guests capacity.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Premier Hall Premier Hall 142 up to 150
Dniprovskyi Hall Dniprovskyi Hall 77 up to 85
Ekaterynoslavsky Hall Ekaterynoslavsky Hall 42 up to 50
Meeting room Meeting room 33 up to 25

Sumy Conference Halls

Sumy is a city of incredible impressions, new discoveries and bright events! Sumy is famous for its architectural heritage, its ancient streets are monuments by itself too. Each building here has its own history, which dates back to the distant past.

Premier Hotel Shafran is a four-star hotel with cozy rooms, located in a quiet area near the Sumy downtown. Conference hall for up to 45 guests, equipped with all necessary equipment, including a multimedia, motorized screen, microphone, flip chart, and Wi-Fi Internet. Opposite the conference hall is a meeting room with an oval table.

Area, sq.m Capacity, persons
Chekhov Hall Chekhov Hall 46,4 up to 50
Kharitonenko negotiation room Kharitonenko negotiation room 42,2 up to 45
European Hall European Hall 63 up to 100


12 cities
17 hotels
46 venues
600 pax – maximum capacity of the biggest hall
7000 м2 conference square

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