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The largest eco-installation "Samchykivka Mosaic" is open at Premier Hotel Rus

On August 29, the largest eco-installation of the Samchykivka mosaic "Harmony of Life" was opened.

The 15-square-meter eco-installation consists of 12,000 plastic lids, that have been collected by activists from all over Ukraine. A street art object contains several symbols at once - it is the largest example of the mosaic Samchykivka, as well as an authentic protective symbol, social, cultural and eco-project. On the one side of the installation is a pattern "Harmony of Life" in the ukrainian art Samchykivka style and the Earth geographical meridians, on the other side - a symbol of the modern mainstream of globalization.

The recycling art project has been implemented through the initiative of the “Rezudentsiya Dumok”  and the Premier Hotels and Resorts. This is a unique action for responsible business in Ukraine, bringing together ecological, creative and national ideas, an example of cooperation between the business representatives  and the community.

The greatest contribution was made by the authors of the project - Yulia Abramova and Yana Vlasenko-Bernadskaya, who involved almost all the pupils of the Kyiv Rus Gymnasium. Within two months, 777 high school students were collecting, sorting and putting together parts of the pattern.

“We are aware of our responsibility and have the aim to raise the common level of responsible consumption and educate community on the  eco-consciousness issues. Therefore, the idea of ​​creating an eco-object was born. Premier and the initiative Creative Workshop "Rezudentsiya Dumok”  have united concerned people and gave a possibility for everybody to join the idea of ​​preserving the environment and Ukrainian heritage, "- said the project's curator, Brand Manager of Premier Hotels and Resorts Yana Shevchenko.

Installation is open on a permanent basis in the Premier Hotel Rus Park Area, Hospytalna Str, 4.

About the project

  • Total number of involved people: 884 active participants
  • Total plastic lids: 12,000 pcs. or 210 kg
  • Total area of ​​the pattern - 15 square meters.

About Samchykivka:

An authentic style of traditional folk art and craft appeared in the village of Samchyky, Starokostiantyniv district of Khmelnytsky region, a miracle that could be seen with your own eyes in the 1950s. The style has appeared in ancient times here, over time disappeared and recently re-emerged and spread all over Ukraine with its  beautiful paintings. The village of Samchyky in Khmelnytsky region was especially famous by its paintings. Nowadays an amazing style is practically forgotten and there are only four artists in the world who specialize in this style. Distinctive colors, as well as features of composition and plot, distinguish the style. The Samchykiv painting has significant differences from the famous Petrykivsky one. Samchykivka is a massive pattern that is easy to emboss on carpets. It has no established canon, but it has mandatory elements, such as spines and an infinity.

Paintings are characterized by a slight clumsiness - the rounded elements must not be drawn under the compasses so that the hand of the folk artist can be seen.

Colors are natural. Most often it is yellow, green, blue and red. Framed - white and black. Blackberries (cloves) are purple and brown.

Therefore, this installation is a unique opportunity to revive the unique Ukrainian style, which is gaining in popularity.