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FINANCIERE Group and shareholders unequivocally condemn Russia's military aggression against Ukraine

In connection with the latest information attacks, we inform you that the main owner of several Premier hotels, namely: Premier Palace Hotel, Premier Hotel Slavutych, Premier Hotel Lybid, Premier Hotel Dnister, Premier Hotel Odesa, is the FINANCIER Group, which also owns commercial real estate in France.

The FINANCIERE Group includes the "PUMORI ENTERPRISES INVESTMENTS LTD" hotel holding, which is a shareholder of Ukrainian hotels mentioned above.

FINANCIERE Group and its shareholders (Vilis Dambins, a citizen of Latvia, and Natalia Selivanova, a citizen of the French Republic) unequivocally condemn Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, launched in 2014 in violation of all existing principles of international law and democratic world values. This is an unprecedented brutal crime for which there is no and cannot be any excuse.

On February 24, 2022, with the unfolding of Russia's aggressive full-scale war, the lives of all Ukrainians without exception, as well as the whole world, changed irreversibly.

Russia is an aggressor state, which for a long time to come will be associated around the world only with those horrific crimes and unprecedented massacres committed in Bucha, Borodyanka, Gostomel, Mariupol, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. The cynicism and unprecedented attack on civilians at the Kramatorsk train station during the evacuation are appalling. We feel deep empathy with the sufferings and losses of the victims of the imperial criminal plans of the top leadership of the Russian Federation.

At this difficult time, the FINANCIERE Group and its shareholders express their sincere respect for Ukraine and its heroic people, and reaffirms their readiness to continue to support Ukraine's economy, statehood and sovereignty. The heroism, resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine today are an example to the whole world of the struggle to choose a European democratic future.

The FINANCIERE Group continues to provide all possible assistance to Ukraine and its Armed Forces, volunteer organizations, employees of the Group's companies, victims and their families. We would like to confirm that the FINANCIERE Group does not carry out any activities in the territory of the aggressor state. We will continue to support Ukraine in this difficult time by all means available to us. Only by joint efforts will we be able to win and rebuild Ukraine's economy.

We believe in victory! Glory to Ukraine!