Stay Safe with Premier: Safety & Security Protocols. Know More

Stay Safe with Premier

Your safety and peace of mind during travels become especially important. Understanding this, the Premier Hotels and Resorts tirelessly work to ensure the highest safety standards for our guests. Responding to the growing demands for safe stays, we have developed enhanced safety standards for 2024, guaranteeing not only comfort but also maximum protection during your visit.

Stay Safe with Premier program is a comprehensive approach that includes round-the-clock security, advanced security systems, and well-defined procedures to ensure the confidence and tranquility of our guests. From shelters equipped for comfortable stays during air alarms to trained personnel capable of responding promptly in emergency situations - we take care of every aspect of your safe environment.

Familiarize yourself with the detailed list of our new safe stay standards in the Premier Hotels and Resorts.

Stay Safe with Premier includes:

  • Round-the-clock enhanced security by qualified hotel security personnel and cooperation with the State Security Service.
  • Additional baggage and cargo checks with metal detectors for firearms, explosives, and hazardous substances.
  • 24/7 video surveillance of all guest areas in the hotel.
  • Installation of smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishing systems in all hotel rooms.
  • Shelters available to visitors during air alarms equipped with sleeping and work areas, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, powerful ventilation systems, respiratory protective equipment, and protection against radiation, chemical, and biological contamination.
  • Own voice alarm system for air alarms.
  • Hotels provided with an autonomous power supply system with fuel reserves, sufficient water and food supplies.
  • Informing guests upon check-in about the location of shelters and the algorithm of actions during air alarms; availability of route signs to shelters throughout the hotel territory.
  • Qualified personnel trained in providing first aid.
  • Professional staff with emergency handling skills and using clear action algorithms for evacuation and guest assistance.
  • The possibility of staying in shelters with animals.
  • Food delivery services to shelters.

Safety & Security Protocols

In addition, our hotels have developed their own Safety & Security Protocols to describe in details all the security measures that are in place:

Kyiv | Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
Kyiv | Premier Hotel Rus 
Lviv | Premier Hotel Dnister
Odesa | Premier Hotel Odesa
Poltava | Premier Hotel Palazzo

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