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World Earth Day: the second "life" of garbage in Premier Hotels and Resorts

It's simple: you just need to show a little will and make efforts, and then the world becomes kinder, healthier and more beautiful. As part of the Happy World Social Responsibility Program, we are always mindful of the future of our planet and take care of its purity. That is why the issue of sorting and proper waste management in hotels is particularly important for us.

Since 2010, all hotels of the Premier Hotels and Resorts chain are actively working to improve the technologies for collecting and sorting garbage, and if in the past garbage in hotels was sorted into only 3 categories - paper, glass and plastic, then today the sorting in Kyiv and Kharkiv hotels is divided into 8 categories for efficient further processing. After debugging the changes in the processes of servicing the residents of our hotels, we now know that our secondary raw materials are turning into very unexpected and useful things. For example, any waste paper with the correct utilization eventually turns into paper for such a familiar to us newspapers and magazines, white PET bottles can be a synthetic padding for your clothes, dark - roofing material; And plastic of the third category, even paving slabs. The hotels pay special attention to the motivation system of their employees for the responsible attitude to the sorting of garbage, encouraging them with bonuses received from the raw materials handed over for processing. Also, for the sake of experiment, in some offices of hotels, special containers for collecting waste paper with motivational inscriptions on them were installed. "Leaving trash here, you save the life of one tree." The initiative had such a resounding success among the employees of the hotel, that after some time, these containers have been installed in almost every office. “Sorting of rubbish is a step towards the nation's mentality.

Our company plans to introduce an 8-stage garbage sorting system and introduce a motivation system for employees in most hotel of the chains during this year. It is not necessary to wait for the official laws requiring everyone to take care of this important issue. Begin to act now," - urges Irina Sidletska, General Director of Premier Hotels and Resorts chain. These socially responsible activity in hotels not only have a positive influence on the ecological condition of our country, they educate the employees a sense of responsibility for their actions in front of our nature. Premier Hotels and Resorts always brings our guests new positive emotions, and our planet a new life without garbage! Join our social initiatives, let’s save our nature together!