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Hotels with Spa in Kiev

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Good spa hotels in Kyiv

Almost everyone heard about spa hotels. However, few people know what really mean this advertised abbreviation. Many people are also interested if there are full-fledged spa hotels in Kyiv, what criteria should such establishments meet and is it possible find a real spa resort in the heart of Ukrainian capital?

For whom are SPA hotels being built?

Traditionally, it is believed that girls and women fondly loved spa hotels in Kyiv and other cities of the world, because they have an opportunity to relax, improve their health, and have treatments for face and body.

In spa hotels, the guests of the establishment are treated and healed with the help of algae, thermal springs and mineral water. The hotel also offers different types of massages and cosmetic procedures, including manicure, scrubs, as well as various masks and wraps.

The most widespread procedures in spa hotels of Kyiv are a hot tub and a circular shower. The ordinary water is used during the procedures, but a powerful healing effect is felt at once.

What is a modern spa hotel?

Requirements for all modern spa hotels in Kyiv and other metropolitan areas around the world are very similar. There must be a swimming pool with thermal water, as well as saunas or steam baths. Some medical centres that specialize in the treatment of various ailments were opened in the most prestigious establishments.

In a good spa hotel in Kyiv, the nervous system is guaranteed to calm down and you will lose a few extra pounds of weight. There is a fitness room, where everyone can do sports.

The main purpose of visiting any SPA hotel in Kyiv is to relax and improve the health. Only a few regular procedures will accelerate the metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, significantly improve the skin condition, and pep your spirits for several months in advance.

Mandatory requirements for a good SPA hotel

The SPA hotel offers such services: a hydro massage bath, healing seaweed, mud and salt, as well as trained personnel who are able to give a full answer to any question. The interior of the hotel is perfect for relax.

In addition, every SPA hotel in Kyiv offers its guests a bath with relaxing music, Vichy and Charcot's showers to alleviate muscle tension, break down fat deposits and consolidate the effect obtained with a high-quality hand massage. A staff of professional massage therapists is as mandatory as having a steam bath or sauna on the territory of the hotel.

Each SPA hotel has its own unique special feature. For example, some Kyiv establishments do not one only one spa centre, and offer guests modern pools, several types of steam baths or saunas, the services of top-class massage specialists, as well as expensive massage chairs similar to real spacecraft. Such inventions of engineering have a relaxing, pleasant and healthy effect. Many people agree that it is better than a massage.

Which hotel in Kyiv offers the widest range of spa services

Premier Palace Hotel

  • Indoor pool (available 365 days a year) is an ideal place for amateur or professional swimmers. It is also a great place to relax with the whole family.
  • SPA and Wellness Centre are the reason of booking a room in a hotel. A wide range of revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing beauty treatments is at your service.
  • Massage – experienced and professional massage therapists will give you a lot of pleasant feelings and an unforgettable effect of relaxation.
  • Massage chairs – fantastic relaxing experience. They alleviate muscle tension and offer unique programs with modern technologies.
  • Sauna is a traditional way to rejuvenate the body and mind.
  • Turkish bath gives peace of mind, returns a sense of youth, activates blood circulation, and normalizes breathing and the work of other body systems.
  • Hydro massage bath relieves chronic fatigue, restores the nervous system, increases muscle tone, removes toxins, and provides a perfect cosmetic effect.

Do you wish to enjoy a wide range of modern spa procedures without leaving the territory of a fashionable hotel in the centre of Kyiv? Premier Palace Hotel has created all the necessary conditions for those who wish to have rejuvenating, healing and invigorating water treatments.

In our SPA center, you will replenish your body’s energy stores, relax, get the opportunity to play sports, increase metabolism, blood circulation and other important processes of our bodies.

Welcome to the Premier Palace Hotel – a modern spa resort in the heart of the Ukrainian capital.