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Our experience is to testify that each hospitality entity should be managed in its own unique way. Nevertheless, each hotel has to go through particular predetermined stages of its development and its business launch. This process is in need of thought through strategic moves, directly linked to the external factors and continuous variations, which keep evolving in the hospitality industry.

We can effectively help independent objects implement the changes necessary to achieve international standards or to maintain a leading position in the market. By assisting the hotel’s team in the standards and regulations formulation as well as implementation, we provide a base for their further product management and improvement.

Our consulting services encompass all the aspects of the hospitality businesses function – from the supply services optimization to the recommendations on the organizational structure formulation.

What is a business plan development?

At the project planning stage Premier Hotels and Resorts hotel operator will conduct comprehensive marketing research of hotel services in the owner’s given city/region, including site analysis and an independent assessment of the hotel’s services. Operator then develops a business concept for the project, the purpose of which is to determine the most effective operating model for the hotel, plus allotment. Premier Hotels and Resorts hotel operator has considerable experience both in terms of hotel reconstruction and new construction. A clear hotel concept and a thorough walk-through of the technical details will allow the general project design team to work more efficiently and outline the expected economic performance of the project for the owner and its partners/creditors.

Additionally, proper financial forecast s are a vital part of any hotel business project. This includes estimates of all necessary investments as well as the terms set out for ROI. Involving a hotel operator provides for solid property management, accounting that considers all relevant details based on its vast experience, plus sets benchmarks for major revenue indicators, workload and operational costs. What’s more, an important aspect is proper positioning of the hotel as well as choosing the right brand from the operator’s portfolio in order to develop a successful marketing strategy for the hotel.

Construction and Design

Premier Hotels and Resorts’ capital construction and reconstruction department provides support at each stage of project development thanks to its significant practical experience, technical standards, and understanding of state standards and the legal framework governing hotel ownership. The active participation of the hotel operator at the construction stage secures total control of quality by following a planned blueprint and achieving the standards set for the hotel’s operating category. In addition, hotel operator helps control the development process in terms of profitability and selection of the best suppliers in all relevant areas.

Interior design is a key success factor for any hotel , and Premier International is ready to provide consultation and support in this field given that it constantly tracks global trends in hotel design.

  Engineering:   Construction:

  • collect field data
  • create general designs for organising hotel construction
  • select supporting design bureaus and individual specialists
  • prepare subcontracts and monitor payments
  • assemble necessary project demos
  • submit project designs to construction regulatory bodies and relevant state institutions
  • supervision of all aspects of design and construction
  • project advisory from start to finish
  • preparatory design work
  • technical specifications for project engineering and design
  • design solution analysis and recommendations for project optimisation
  • recommendations on construction and engineering equipment
  • interior design and recommendations as to existing design

  • perform contractual duties on construction site
  • optimise estimated costs and forms of payments to contractor
  • technical supervision
  • select general contractor and subcontractors
  • consultation on total contract development/construction costs
  • recommendations for work schedules, plans and staging
  • coordinate construction activities
  • recommendations on actual construction work flow
  • project delivery time and quality control
  • methodological support in the evaluation of finished construction works
  • purchase of materials and equipment (conducting supply/service enders)
  • select interior design companies and suppliers of furniture and equipment
  • consultation on interior design
  • completion of interior design
  • building commissioning

Consulting Services

We offer a full range of hotel consulting services at any stage of the existence of your project:

  • Development of the concept of the hotel and a business plan
  • Design and construction of hotels
  • Hotel pre-opening
  • Management of hotel complexes
  • Operations Audit
  • Training of hotel staff
  • Corporate training for hotels

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