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Why work with a hotel operator?

Regardless of what stage your hotel is at (whether at the project planning stage, under construction or already fully operational), the involvement of a professional hotel operator such as Premier Hotels and Resorts can be the key to improving its overall competitive position and increasing the number of returning guests.

During construction the owner will benefit from Operator professional technical support specialists, helping to evaluate the most effective layout and design of the hotel as well as providing total support in terms of zoning and design of all guest and service rooms, integration of complex hardware and software, accounting and more. Additionally, Premier Hotels and Resorts’ participation at this stage offers owners a significant advantage when it comes to bank financing of such a project.

Involving hotel operator when the hotel is already up and running means comprehensive help to improve the hotel’s business plan. The profitability of the business can increase significantly at this stage owing to Premier Hotels and Resorts’ proven ability to increase occupancy and incomes, streamline service according to a proven level of the company’s hotel chain standards, involvement in existing channels for sales and marketing, cost savings on the purchase of products and consumables for use in the hotel and more.

And not only does cooperation with hotel operator work to increase the owner’s market share, but it also stimulates positive financial effects, meaning faster loan repayment and lower overall operating costs.

Premier Hotels and Resorts has more than 20 years of experience on the Ukrainian market, enabling it to offer independent hotel owners unique solutions specifically tailored to suit their needs.

We also offer flexible terms for cooperation, including a variety of internationally observed contract relations that have been adapted to Ukrainian laws. Similarly, international hotel chains can involve a hotel operator to provide such services as business plan development, consulting, construction and design solutions.

Contract Management Franchising
Principle of management Consolidated management of the owner’s hotel. Use of the hotel operator’s own human and intellectual capital to fine tune the long-term profitability of the hotel. Branded management of the owner’s hotel and benefits from the use of unified operating standards, marketing resources, supply services, plus sales and personnel management.
For the Operator /Costs to the Owner Payment for the management, based on the amount of income and the operational profit. Entrance fee and franchising fee based on the hotel’s total or expected turnover.
What the Operator provides
  • Use of the Operator’s brand by the hotel
  • All management functions, including personnel selection and training
  • Management and staffing standards
  • Operational standards
  • Effective electronic sales system
  • Powerful sales and marketing resources
  • Network loyalty programmes
  • Training system and personnel motivation
  • Supply chain management
  • Budgeting and financial control systems
  • The owner receives right to brand the hotel
  • Effective electronic sales system
  • Powerful sales and marketing resources
  • Network loyalty programmes
  • Minimal requirements as regards operational activities
  • Personnel training standards
  • Supply chain management
Finance results The Operator assumes responsibility for financial forecasts and performance guarantees in some case. Expenses are the Owner’s responsibility; incomes are based on the Operator’s sale.

Brief Information

  • 20 years of successful experience in hospitality
  • 12 hotels under management
  • more than 2,000 rooms in cities of Ukraine
  • Hospitality Awards winner for Best Local Hotel Operator

Address: 4a Hospitalna Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine
T: +38 (044) 359 08 10